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This page was last updated: March 23, 2010

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Operation Winters Storm
April 16-18, 2010 Florala, Alabama

Event Fee: $20.00 (includes meal on Saturday night)

Calling all defenders of the Russian homeland! The time to act is now! We are currently destroying the German soldiers in Stalingrad as the Russian army continues to tighten it's grip. Once our encirclement is completed, the German army will be crushed and the war will be over. This is a 300 acre site with wooded areas, open fields, groves, roads and several abandoned buildings. This will be an authentic WWII tactical event with the battles being fought in an area that provides plenty of opportunity for extensive vehicle maneuvering as well as good defensive positions.

We have several vehicles already confirmed:

* A Russian T34 Tank
* A German 251
* A Lend Lease A M5 HST
* A Lend Lease M3 Scout Car
* Several German Kubels
* Possibly a German Sd.Kfz.222 armoured car
* Possibly some lend lease American jeeps
* Several German Motorcycles

All Russian, German, Romanian, Finnish, Partisan, etc troops are welcome. This will be a great time so please attend. Visit the event website or contact the 197th Guards for more information.
April 2010
Russian Push to Victory
August 20-22, 2010 Onondaga, Michigan

Event Fee: $15.00

This is a full emersion Eastern Front tactical sponsored by the 2nd SS Das Reich Regiment. Partisans will be allowed. We will be fighting for control of two positions throughout the weekend. The tactical will start as soon as you arrive and end on Sunday afternoon (with enough interest from reenactors). Bring your sleeping gear and tent if you have them as we will have two camp areas and we would like to have all reenactors camping period for the weekend (there will be an area for modern camping also). We will be fighting in all period era style so plan on it - this is a chance for you to see what it was really like for 3 days of your life. Bring plenty of food and blanks and get set to have a good time! Visit the 2 SS Pz. Div. Das Reich Regiment site for more information, or contact Tim Kelley at 616-450-2194.
August 2010
Ostfront Odessa 2010
April 23-25, 2010 Odessa, New York

Event Fee: $20.00

Füsilier Bataillon 272 & WWII Western Front Association are sponsoring the second Ostfront Odessa tactical, now an annual event! This year, there will be 3-4 separate tacticals throughout the day, each in a separate area of the field, with at least one new area being opened up to this years participants. Authenticity will be high for this event. Port-a-johns and firewood will be supplied. Pre-registration deadline is March 25, 2010. All necessary forms are on the website. Participants can arrive as early as April 22, 2010 (Thursday) and enjoy the camping and camaraderie. Visit the website or contact Scott Thompson and/or Allan Jarvie for more information.