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The best place to start your search for all things RKKA! An electronic boot camp for the new recruit. Hosted by our own Arkadii Rodinko.
A voice for the Red Army re-enactor; featuring articles, research, photographs, AARs, and more, from within the entire RKKA community.
RedArmy-Reenactor Yahoo Group
The goal of this list is to improve the Red Army impression nationwide. If we work together we can make Eastern Front events more than just a diversion for Germans.
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Group for Historical Study and Portrayal of the Red Army in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945. Focus on Living History, Reenactment, Tactical Studies, Militaria Collecting and Study of General History of the Period.
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Links to units with an online presence.
A haven for the true comrades of the glorious recreated Raboche Krestyanskaya Krasniya Armiya!
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