The Headquarters of the Recreated
Red Army of Peasants and Workers (RKKA)
in the United States.
STAVKA was the General Headquarters for the Soviet Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War. This site was created to provide the Red Army Re-enactor with a central clearing house for information, contacts, and a home to call our virtual own.
"We, soldiers of the Soviet Union, came to Berlin at our people's behest, not for destruction, not to murder German men and women. We had trodden our hard road in order to liberate our own native soil, and the nations of our brothers, from NAZI invaders. And now, again we are here in order to destroy for all time the nest of aggression, and by doing so to end NAZISM in Germany. In was not our fault that we were compelled to take Germany's capitol by storm.

In war people must die. But not so many need have died if Hitler and his underlings had realized when we were on the Oder that NAZISM had gone under, that further resistance was senseless...

...Even now, twenty years later, when I see in my mind's eye, again and again, those scenes of battle, that irresistable flood of Soviet soldiers rushing into Berlin, I keep asking myself the same question: What were the NAZI leaders hoping to achieve? For the fate of Berlin was sealed as from 25 April 1945."

Marshal Vasili I. Chuikov
"The Fall of Berlin"
Macgibbon & Lee Ltd., April 1968
Beyond this electronic door you will find all you need to begin your new life as a soldier in the Glorious Red Army!
This site was created by Arkadii Rodinko on 27 June 2002.